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Responsive Design According to Google Guideline

Isn’t it amazing that these days we can accessibility sites from all kinds of devices? From pc desktops, phones, and tablets the even much cooler aspect about this it is that the appearance of web sites usually fits the dimension the gadgets perfectly. This is possible thanks to Sensitive Style.

It is for this attribute, present in our everyday life, that today we devote this post to Responsive design, and find out why making this portion of our website can offer a better encounter to customers who visit us.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a technique used in web page design that allows for the correct display of a web page on many different gadgets. It tries to place the elements of the web so as to adjust to the various actions of each system, allowing the customer a more enjoyable watching encounter, less scrolling down, modified pictures, quicker pages, or in other words, a great routing experience.

It is the job of the web designers to think before execution, how to make they responsive. This will make simpler development for designers, as each system has its specific features (screen size, dimension, quality, memory capacity, etc.).

Our advice is that the content and images used in style and design are liquid with responsiveness, so it can be created with a single website design stage, all this to keep style and design or performance of the web page unchanged. By liquid we mean that we can perform together with prevents of pictures and text that, as the display reduces in proportions, repositions to achieve a visible harmony.

It is also advisable to operate with a detailed layout or structure, with actions that differ based on the needs of your design. In this way one can ensure that web design has adequate demonstration for the customer and the information is structured and understandable in revenge of the product that you accessibility it from.

These are some of the advantages your site will have if it utilizes responsive design:
  • Reduce growth time.
  • Avoid two types of URLs (one for the PC edition and mobile).
  • Share the material of the web page quicker and to a greater viewers.
  • Better position your site in google.
  • Provide all customers with a similar encounter in every device.

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