PPC Campaign Audit

PPC Campaign Audit

Here is summary of your audit’s opportunity

Analysis of your existing Google AdWords

Review of whether your Campaign and setting were built out using best practices

Identify all error and fixed it – Return on Investment ( ROI )

Analysis of campaign positioning with company objectives and priorities

Increase campaign performance

PPC Campaign Audit

Evaluation in the Paid Search Audit

Account Settings

Key sections of focus include examining who has access to your AdWords consideration, verifying that your other search engines Accounts (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Merchant Center) are linked with AdWords to share data; verifying e-mail notice settings; and bank verifying consideration choices for terminology show, number format, time zone, auto-tagging, etc.

Campaign Structure

The pay-per-click review opinions which your ads are targeting; networks on which your ads are shown (Search Engine); ad arranging (days and times of day your ads run); on what devices your ads are shown; in what geographical places your ads are shown; and bid way to find out whether your putting in a bid for a particular campaign on clicks of the mouse, concentrated on alterations, or utilizes a flexible bid technique.

Ad Team Structure

Of all the factors that create PPC efficient, ad importance is probably at the top of list. We review ad group structure to find out whether keywords are arranged firmly together using common themes.


We review whether and to what degree keywords correspond with your company products/services being offered; the level of buying intent for each keyword; the coordinate type being used (broad coordinate, wide coordinate modifier, phrase coordinate, exact match). We also conduct independent market and keyword research to my own for new keyword and key phrase and negative keyword ideas.

Ad Text

Your PPC consideration review will contain a thorough summary of ad written text, including importance of written text to find keywords and importance of written text to company products/services being provided. We review whether ad written text contains reliability statements, calls-to-action, and promotions or provides, and makes best use of character limits according to google guideline, and contains show URLs. Lastly, we assess ad examining technique (A/B or multivariate testing) — if tests being performed.

Destination Pages

Sometimes called squeeze webpages — are another necessary component of efficient PPC. Our review opinions the importance of the destination web page written text and visuals to find keywords and ad written text, and whether the site needs to strengthen ad written text promotions, provides, CTAs, etc. We create recommendations about whether the present destination web page is the best web page to be used for each ad group and if present destination webpages follow best methods for functionality and transformation marketing. Lastly, we assess web page split testing strategy, if tests being performed.


Improper tracking leaves you in the dark about the potency of your campaign. Our review verifies that auto-tagging is on and Google Analytics is linked with your search engines AdWords account; whether contact monitoring is set up to allow you to know which contact came from a particular keyword period of time and time; whether type monitoring is set up to allow you to know which type submission came from a particular keyword period of time and time; whether search engines AdWords transformation monitoring is set up and set up properly; and whether search engine Statistics objectives are set up and set up effectively.

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