Google Penguin

Google Penguin

What Is the Search engines Penguin Update?

Google launched the Penguin Upgrade in Apr 2012 to better catch websites considered to be spamming its search results, in particular those doing so by buying hyperlinks or acquiring them through link systems designed mainly to boost Search engines rankings. When a new Penguin Upgrade is launched, websites that have taken action to eliminate bad hyperlinks (such as through the Search engines disavow hyperlinks tool or to eliminate junk may regain ranking. New websites not previously captured might get stuck by Penguin. “False advantages,” websites that were captured by mistake, may evade.

Google Penguin

Did Google update their Penguin algorithm? Did Google block prevent personal blog network links? Something occurred. We bring you our concepts.

Google may have made some modifications to their algorithms this week on how they focus on web link spam and other types of spam. Google would not validate or refuse there was an algorithm change, but based on the alerts I am tracking, there is a appears upgrade that has hit those who go through more competitive link-building.

The upgrade seems to have occurred around Feb 1, 2017. It may have been a modify to how Search engines Penguin finds and discount spam hyperlinks, or it may be a totally new algorithm — we are uncertain. But many of the folks within the “black hat” SEO group seem to be realizing this and stressing that their techniques are no longer being well.

Some are saying that their PBNs, private blog networks, are no longer being well. Some are saying Bing is more slowly at collecting new links. Some think Search engines hit their sites with penalties.

The majority of the Search results tracking tools, such as MozCast, Algoroo, RankRanger and many others, are displaying significant disturbance around Feb 1.

This is all despite many of the more “white hat” SEO areas not really realizing or stressing about position changes in Google.

If we had to think, I’d say this is an algorithm update around how Google discredits spam link, maybe upgrading the Penguin algorithm or something else.

We should remember that Search engines did release an algorithm update particularly for Search engines Asia and Japanese content today, but that is irrelevant to this link update.

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